We are living in a time where communities are being broken apart and becoming voiceless in order that certain changes can be enacted. Individuals no longer understand how to be a part of a community, or know how to ask for help or voice a concern. As people become less connected to each other, I strive to find ways to reconnect through my art. Through my dance and aerial work, I change each space I am in to create an environment previously unknown to my audience, thereby offering a new space to share.

Through the concept of a multi-faceted event, I offer each person a place to enter the conversation where he/she feels comfortable. Perhaps it is a class, a rehearsal, a meal, or a discussion. I encourage developing new communities and rediscovering ones that have been fractured so that once again, groups can have a voice and know that voice matters. 

I bring together my 20 years of teaching movement to individuals with 25 years of performing and creating to address social and environmental issues that affect us and that we can affect. Most recently, I have been investigating how personal story can be woven into a larger context, allowing human physicality to tell the tales of many, of the everyman in various communities.