Andrea is an excellent and thoughtful instructor who really pays attention to what you can do physically and where any mental barriers may be... Andrea has a knack for seeing where your strengths are and being able to push you just beyond what you think you can do. With each success, you become more inspired to do more and your training keeps improving bit by bit. An absolute joy to work with her. She’ll help you find your flexibility and strength and create beautiful and inspired movement.
— Uzma, aerial student

Andrea offers lessons, classes and workshops in aerial techniques, conditioning, improvisation, and choreography. She uses her knowledge of the body from her extensive dance and pilates education and careers in conjunction with her training in teaching aerial technique from the New England Center for Circus Arts. Students are able to start wherever they are and progress at a challenging, yet comfortable rate. Apparatus lessons and workshops are offered on aerial silks, sling, net, lyra, and single and double-point trapezes. Most recently, Andrea has taught aerial lessons and specialty workshops for:


Burkholder has also consulted and choreographed apparatus-based and aerial work for Deviated Theatre, the University of Maryland Department of Dance, Theater, and Performing Arts, Cooperative Performance Milwaukee with Danceworks Performance Company, Homestead High School Theater, Warped Dance Theater, and Theater RED.