No matter what else we do in life, we are reliant on our bodies and therefore must maintain a physical health to optimize our well-being. As a person who has run, lifted weights, rock-climbed, and still dances and performs aerial work, I have found Pilates incomparable for finding and maintaining a balanced and efficient body. Having taught private lesson Pilates for 16 years, I have seen all ages, body types, and levels of fitness benefit from learning the Pilates system. It changes the way you approach not only your workouts, but also your daily movements, and allows you greater possibilities in your physical being.


After being certified by Romana Kryzanowska and Pilates, Inc, in 2000, Andrea opened Pure Joe Pilates Studios in Reston, VA and Washington,DC. With co-owner, Michael Rooks, Pure Joe has become one of the most highly regarded studios in the Metro area, with 10 fully certified instructors and a dedicated clientele of all ages and walks of life. In 2003, Andrea became a teacher trainer with Romana's Pilates and then began training teachers through Pilates Heritage in 2008. Besides teaching private lessons to all levels of students, Andrea also offers workshops for the committed and curious students and advanced training seminars for fully certified instructors.