"Bayou's State"- Exploring her Cajun heritage through the disappearing Louisiana coastline and its cultural repercussions, Andrea creates an event that incorporates a South Louisiana meal, aerial and modern dance, old-time and contemporary Cajun music, open rehearsals and discussions, community aerial classes and collaborations with local artists and farmers. We all recognize we are stronger when we're part of a community. However, it is not always apparent where communities exist and how we integrate into them. This piece, inspired by Mike Tidwell's 2003 book "Bayou, Farewell: The Rich Life and Tragic Death of Louisiana's Cajun Coast", investigates making and strengthening community to make a difference. "Bayou's State" premiered on the tidal marshland of Darien, Georgia November 14 and 15 at Marsh Studio and made it's Milwaukee debut April 16 and 17 at Danceworks.

Photos in Darien,Georgia by Andrea Burkholder and Lloyd Chastant. Photos of Milwaukee performance by Eddee Daniel.